AIMCo is truly a different place to work. There is a spirit of cooperation and open communication, from investments, to operations, and corporate.  The synergies are unmistakable and the promise is an exciting future.

You are a proven achiever, focused on delivering results and motivated to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.  You make an impact and want to work for an organization that leaves a lasting impression. 

You Aim High.  Your Future is AIMCo.



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Structured for success

Great results, sustainable over the long term, are only possible through broad collaboration and a singular focus on our objectives.  People and ideas move freely among AIMCo’s divisions, ensuring we are all working together to earn the best return for our clients.

Aimco Careers <p>Investment Management teams are challenged daily to seek out unique and innovative opportunities to add value for our clients.  From Public Market asset classes such as Public Equities and Fixed Income, to Private Market asset classes including Real Estate, Infrastructure, Timberlands and Private Equity, our focus is on the future.</p> <p>Operations enables all aspects of the investment transaction process. Fast-paced with an exacting eye for detail, the group comprises Investment Operations, Business Solutions Group, Investment Administration and Business Technology, and aims to provide superior service to all AIMCo teams.</p> <p>Strengthening our clients’ trust in AIMCo and translating their unique requirements into long-term investment strategies drives our every decision.  The Client Relations team works with AIMCo’s 32 clients and through a combination of  in-depth analyses and open communications, ensures that their objectives are met.</p> <p>Corporate Services provide the overarching structure and processes that drive the organization forward. It comprises every team that make a good corporation run smooth today, while setting the strategy for tomorrow.</p>

Our Divisions
Innovation is in our DNA

We have a distinct AIMCo culture. We are a place where forward thinking is welcome, where discussion is always open and the exchange of ideas never stops.  We actively seek out innovative and fresh approaches to accomplish our clients' objectives. Our mandate is to think like an entrepreneur and operate on the leading edge with a “can do” attitude. We are a strong and vibrant investment organization, where teamwork is valued and every employee is considered a key contributor.

Our Culture
We value all perspectives

AIMCo attracts people with widely varying work experience from across the country and around the globe. With more than forty languages spoken and a majority of the world’s cultures represented, we are a truly global corporation.  We use those worldly insights to make the best investment decisions for our clients, bringing local knowledge to the most far reaching opportunities.


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A place to be proud of
A place to be proud of
A place to be proud of
A place to be proud of


Our Home
Best in class employer

AIMCo competes in the global market place with the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms, including top investment and asset managers. We invest in our top performers with a Total Rewards approach to compensation that is aligned to a competitive pay for performance compensation structure with strong benefit options and a generous retirement planning program.

Benefits & Compensation
Where Learning Never Stops

AIMCo is committed to a culture of continuous learning.  From our Successful Start orientation program that combines critical corporate insights with practical hands-on experience so you can hit the ground running to the AIMCo LEAD Series that is building our next generation of leadership in the organization, there is no shortage of learning opportunities.  We support your own passion for learning too, whether it's pursuing a professional designation or working towards something more personal.  You will join us for what you've learned so far.  AIMCo takes you to the next level.

Training & Development
Invested In Our Community

Our role is to effectively and prudently invest the assets under our management on behalf of our clients, and we are committed to our community in other ways as well.

Many of the team members at AIMCo are engaged in our community through a variety of channels. These initiatives enable us to contribute to the community, while others aid in our commitment to staying abreast of industry and business best practice.

Our community efforts are predominately focused on youth, continued education, enhancing the quality of life for seniors in Alberta and in participating in panel and keynote speaker opportunities that further education and awareness.

Community Investment